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Jesus Centered

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#2 Rd 2978

Aztec, NM 87410

Jesus Centered

Bible Believing


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Click on the images to the right to stream our solo Bible Musicals. We are updating the formats of our musicals and will provide more downloads for you to share soon! Please share this link with your friends and family and download to your listening library on your phone or device.


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Ruth, the Redeemer's Bride

The entire book of Ruth presented in this beautiful musical. You will follow along from the depths of despair to the joy of a wedding and the fruit of that union as you follow the journey of Ruth from Moab to Bethlehem. See the parallel story of our relationship with Jesus through the real lives of Ruth and Boaz. Learn how God can use the most unlikely people to bless the world. Myra Green or Sandy Efird are available to present this musical in solo format.

The Woman at the Well

The story is found in John chapter 4. Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman, alone at the well. She had been married five times and was living with a man, not her husband, when she meets Jesus. He confronts her with the truth of her life, and reveals who he is, the Anointed Savior of the World! Her response to the truth of who Jesus is: She runs to the town, calling everyone she meets, “Come and see!” Bringing people to the feet of Jesus! Myra Green, Sandy Efird and Stephanie Lewis are available to present a solo of this story.

The Letter to the Church at Philippi

Experience the book of Philippians in its entirety as Paul writes to the church at Philippi while imprisoned in Rome. This play is available in solo or duet formats. Myra Green and Susan Battenberg are available to present as Euodia or Glide Buchanan or Allen Green are available to tell this musical as the apostle Paul.

Hannah's Song

The Story of the mother of Samuel the priest and prophet of the Lord found in First Samuel of our Bible. Feel the pain of a barren woman changed to joy when God answers her prayer by giving her a beautiful baby boy. Hannah’s obedience to her vow draws her even closer to the God she loves, as she returns her son to the Lord. Don’t miss this timeless story of a mother’s love. Myra Green is available to present this solo.

He Called Us Friends: Martha

He Called us Friends: the Story of Mary, Martha & Lazarus is derived for the eleventh chapter of the book of John. Susan Battenberg recounts this beautiful story of Jesus’ ministry here on earth and gives the watcher beautiful insights on the relationship he had with his followers. The story concludes with the raising of Lazarus from death and the subsequent continuing revelation of Jesus as the Great I AM and as the Christ, the Son of the Living God.